Potential Police Reform In Virginia

Virginia congressmen┬ábegan an agenda┬áto reform policing in Virginia days before the special session began in August. Proposed legislation encompassed overhauling police practices, changing protocols when responding to emergency calls and allowing localities to have more oversight of local departments. Some protocol changes include a ban on neck restraints, prohibition of of no-knock warrants, elimination of […]

Some Charlette 911 calls shifting to non-police responders

(Charlotte, VA) A safety reform approved by the city council will shift certain responsibilities from police to mental health clinicians. “CMPD Police Chief Johnny Jennings said on Monday that transitioning more mental health calls to the crisis response team would address long-term problems in the community better than isolated officer interactions. 911 calls that are […]

Virginia Autism Project Supporting Bill for Reduced Penalty for Assaulting Police

(Richmond, VA) You will be charged with a 6-month mandatory minimum sentence in addition to a felony if you assault a police officer. Advocates for people with psychiatrics disabilities argue that assault can be easily misinterpreted. For example, James is a 27-year old with with autism. Due to his autism, he spits subconsciously which can […]