Teresa Sheehan

Teresa Sheehan is a woman with psychiatric disabilities who lives in San Francisco. In August 2008 when she was 56, police were called to involuntarily hospitalize her for a psychiatric evaluation. She did not want to leave and resisted being taken into custody. The police shot her several times, but she did survive. She sued the police department for failing to take her psychiatric disabilities into account during the arrest. Her case reached the Supreme Court, where the Court ruled against her.


Kristiana Coignard

Kristiana Coignard was a 17-year-old girl with psychiatric disabilities. On January 22, 2015, she went to the lobby of the Longview Police Department in Texas

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Michelle Cusseaux

Michelle Cusseaux was a 50-year old woman with psychiatric disabilities who lived in Phoenix, Arizona. In August 2014, police were sent to Michelle’s home on

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