The Disabilities Rights Advocacy Center Focusing on Disability Violence in Nigeria

(FTC, Nigeria) The Disabilities Rights Advocacy Center (DRAC) launched guidelines for assessments needed for children with disabilities and child protection in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The DRAC realized that many individuals were not aware of the situation regarding gender violence. It was even considered the norm to witness public gender violence against women. “So we took it upon ourselves to try to see how best we can address these issues. Another challenge we faced was that women and girls with disabilities who have been violated do not have access to justice” as stated by Agboluaje, the program officer of DRAC “So we developed these tool kits for it to guide service delivery in the FCT. Also, we did a mapping of special and inclusive schools in the FCT and the report showed that a lot of children with disabilities are victims of violence,” he said. More on this story here.


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