Tommie D. McGlothen, Jr

(Louisiana) Tommie D. McGlothen, Jr. was 44 years old and diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression. Tommie was having a psychiatric episode on April, 5, 2020, and followed someone into their house. Louisiana police were called and four officers arrived to the scene. The four officers used tasers, mace, and nightsticks to subdue Tommie. After being wrestled to the ground, the officers proceeded to kick and punch Tommie repeatedly. After being beaten, the officers stuffed Tommie into a police cruiser upside-down which limited his ability to breathe. After being left in the police cruiser unsupervised for an hour, Tommie was then brought to a hospital where he died shortly after. The four officers are currently being charged with excessive force.


Jeffrey Ramirez

The NPR article highlights Jeffrey’s experience because the kind of cancer he died from has a cure rate as high as 98% with early detection.

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