Uproar as Police Beat Mentally Unstable Woman Mourning Her Son
Kenya Protest

Peaceful Saba Saba protests begun July 7th in Kenya. Following the nationwide protests across the country, Kenyan police has been caught lobbing tear gas, arbitrarily arresting, and brutally beating the peaceful protesters.

In Vihiga County, 8 human rights defenders were arrested and detained in Mbale Police Station as they marched to present their petition to the relevant state agencies while in Turkana County, three human rights activists were arrested. In Kisii, Migori and Mombasa Counties, the police disrupted the protests by throwing tear gas and in other instances, stones to the crowds. In Kisumu, police lobbed tear gas to the protesters which created tension in the CBD leading to businesses being shut down.

All these come a few days after Mbeere North Member of Parliament Geoffrey Ruku, in what appeared to be a move to tame the opposition and anti-government protests, proposed an amendment Bill to regulate the conduct of demonstrations and actions of picketing. In the Bill, the MP proposed that organizers of protests be held liable for any damage or loss of lives and property, and that those who engage in outlawed protests be liable for one-year imprisonment.

As a result of police misconduct, protesting Kenyans are now turning violent. More on this story here.


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