Victor Valencia

Victor was a 31 year-old Latino man, and was struggling with mental health issues. He appeared to be talking to himself at a gas station holding what appeared to be a gun. Police were called by witnesses stating Victor was an armed black man. Victor was walking towards Venice Boulevard towards a food truck when police confronted him. Shortly after, Victor was fatally shot. Afterwards it was confirmed that Victor was holding a bicycle part and not a gun when police were called and when police killed Victor. The Los Angeles Fire Department arrived at the scene and began CPR on Valencia. “Can we take the handcuffs off,” one of the firefighters asks an LAPD officer. At first, the officer says no but later several other officers confirm that the handcuffs could be removed. In the end, the handcuffs come off. It took LAFD over 7 minutes to get Valencia into an ambulance.


Ishmail Thompson

Ishmail was arrested in Pennsylvania amidst a mental health crisis, and the mental health specialist at the county jail said he should be sent to

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Adrain Kimbrough

Adrain Kimbrough, 35, has mental illness, and died after being assaulted by another incarcerated person in an Alabama prison. Adrain’s sister stated that he was

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