Willie B Smith III

Willie B Smith III was a 52 year old man in Alabama with significant intellectual disabilities who was executed by lethal injection on October 21st 2021. He was represented by incompetent attorneys, one of whom was later disbarred. Further, under today’s legal standard, he would not have been eligible for the death penalty given his significant intellectual disabilities. But the 11th Circuit refused to reverse the decision because his trial happened before the legal changes that would have saved him. In addition, he was denied the opportunity to be given a less painful execution because he could not understand the form he needed to fill out. But again, the 11th circuit refused to provide him a reasonable accommodation for his disabilities.


Porter Burks

Detroit: Burks, 22, diagnosed with schizophrenia, was experiencing a mental health crisis Oct. 2 when his family called the police, asking for help. Body-camera footage from a

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