Woman held without bail subject to anti-trans harassment & medical neglect

From San Diego Downtown News

“In a signed declaration to an attorney and according to her husband, Nikki Yach requested to be placed in Los Colinas Detention Facility with other women when she was booked. She was held in San Diego Central Jail, a men’s jail, for several months before being transferred to Vista Detention Facility which has an LGBT+ unit meant to protect vulnerable inmates from violence and sexual assault. However, it is not wheelchair accessible – forcing disabled LGBT+ inmates like Yach to choose between safety from violence and their medical needs.”

“In a signed statement, Yach said staff regularly misgender her and she is called slurs by inmates. Despite being on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), she has not been housed in women’s jails (Vista is coed). She claims her access to HRT was denied the first few months she was jailed.

Yach has multiple sclerosis and experiences occasional flares in the condition. She alleges medical neglect during her detention.”


Abolish Prisons

Mental Health Courts

Mental health courts (MHCs) are specialized programs designed to address the legal issues and treatment needs of individuals with mental health disabilities and substance use

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